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What Is Guardian?

Guardian Silver is an advanced anti-microbial product. It is just a few years old, can be used without a prescription, is not a drug, and is so safe you can drink it. It comes in liquid and gel form.

Is Guardian Silver the Same as Colloidal Silver?

No. In fact, their differences are critical to understand. Click here for more info…

When and Where was this Silver Developed?

It was developed in the United States within the last 10 years.

Why Haven’t You Heard of it Before?

Silver is currently moving beyond the early adoption stage into mainstream usage. Guardian has been used clinically for several years by leading doctors and is now being used by a quickly broadening collection of people.

Is this Information Trustworthy?

Rather than take our word for it, a collection of 3rd party sources exploring this silver can be found here.

How is Guardian Taken?

Typical preventative use includes drinking 2 teaspoons of the liquid twice daily and/or topical application three times daily with a minimum contact time of five minutes.

The frequency of application (twice or three times daily) is essential, since the body excretes this silver so quickly.

Want To Learn More?

Then click here to visit a page with so much information & 3rd party reference material that your introduction will be complete.

More Frequently Asked Questions

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