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Ear Infection

What it is: An unwanted pathogen (bacteria, virus, fungus, yeast, or mold) causing problems in the ear area.

How to get rid of it: Kill the pathogen.

How to treat the symptoms: Reduce inflammation and/or stop secondary infections.

The best and safest option for killing pathogens, reducing inflammation, and stopping secondary infections is to use Guardian™ Silver Sol.  Silver sol is a new technology that has been lab tested to kill pathogens and reduce inflammation. It can be taken orally and applied topically. It is also completely safe.

For detailed information about Guardian Silver (including comments by the former surgeon general of the US Air Force), this video provides the detailed information that will help you take control of your health:

Video - The Silver Solution

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How can I tell if my child has an ear infection? Are the symptoms for adults the same as children? Everywhere I turn, I hear that antibiotics don’t work for ear infections; is there any treatment that works? Or at least a home remedy that can help relieve the pain? What can I do if my dog has an ear infection?

An Ear Infection Epidemic?

It’s estimated that some 30 million doctor visits a year are the result of ear infections. While children are the most frequent victim, adults are susceptible as well.

Middle ear infection is the common term used to describe the condition that typically affects children, while adults are more prone to an outer ear infection (otitis externa). An outer ear infection is commonly called ‘swimmer’s ear’ because it often starts when bacteria or fungal laden water finds its way into the ear and becomes lodged in the ear canal.

Like many other ailments, an ear infection often strikes because the body’s natural resistance has been lowered due to a recent illness or a prolonged period of stress.

Outlining the Symptoms of Ear Infections

In children, symptoms of ear infections can include earache, fluid in the ear, pulling at the ears, fever, insomnia, uncharacteristic irritability, dizziness and difficulty hearing.

For an outer ear infection, watch for the following symptoms: slight fever, fluid in the ear, earache and pain—especially when the ear is touched, and poor hearing in the infected ear.

Treatment of an Ear Infection – What NOT to do

Antibiotics are often prescribed for the treatment of an ear infection. Recently, however, the Centres for Disease Control have taken the extreme step of requesting physicians not to do so. Not only are antibiotics ineffective against the offending virus, the overuse of antibiotics has only made the problem worse by creating bacterial resistance

In some of the more serious cases, draining of the ear through a surgical procedure is conducted.

Guardian Silver Sol Can Help

Guardian Silver Sol can help correct an ear infection in a child, adult (or your pet). This natural gentle silver sol works quickly, naturally and does not promote resistance strains of bacteria. Guardian is the treatment of choice because possible secondary bacteria are controlled AND the anti-inflammatory benefits offer welcome relief for painful ear infections.

In fact, harmful bacteria can be eradicated by silver sol within five minutes of contact. Simply place five drops into the ear canal with a dropper, while the ear is pointed upwards. Remain lying in this position for about 12 minutes to let the sol saturate the infected area. Repeat every 12 hours. In addition to this topical treatment, you can also drink 2 tsp of Guardian Silver twice daily and supplement with vitamin C.

Technical term: otitis media

Symptoms:  (children)

  • earache
  • fluid in the ear
  • pulling at the ears
  • fever
  • insomnia or restless sleep
  • dizziness
  • difficulty hearing

Symptoms (adults):

  • slight fever
  • fluid in the ear
  • earache
  • pain when the ear is touched
  • poor hearing in infected ear


  • depressed immune system
  • exposure to bacteria infused water


  • avoid bacteria or fungi infected waters
  • strengthen and protect the immune system – eat a balanced diet high in vitamins and minerals, get plenty of rest, drink lots of water
  • use Guardian Silver Sol as suggested

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