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Foot Infection

What it is: An unwanted pathogen (bacteria, virus, fungus, yeast, or mold) causing problems in the foot area.

How to get rid of it: Kill the pathogen.

How to treat the symptoms: Reduce inflammation and/or stop secondary infections.

The best and safest option for killing pathogens, reducing inflammation, and stopping secondary infections is to use Guardian™ Silver Sol.  Silver sol is a new technology that has been lab tested to kill pathogens and reduce inflammation. It can be taken orally and applied topically. It is also completely safe.

For detailed information about Guardian Silver (including comments by the former surgeon general of the US Air Force), this video provides the detailed information that will help you take control of your health:

Video - The Silver Solution

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What are the symptoms of a foot infection? How can I avoid getting an infection on my feet? Is athlete’s foot really a yeast infection? Are there any natural remedies that can reduce the inflammation?

Foot Infection – An Uncomfortable and Painful Problem

A foot infection can be painful, embarrassing and debilitating. Given that we spend a good part of the day on our feet, proper foot care and health is very important for overall good health.

Foot infections can take many forms, with athlete’s foot (a yeast infection) being one of the most common. Symptoms of an athlete’s foot infection may include chronically dry skin, peeling, cracking and itching. As the condition progresses, scaling of the skin can lead to inflammation and blistering.

Foot Infections Run Rampant

A foot infection is often triggered when feet come into contact with shed skin that contains the offending bacteria or fungus. This can often happen in areas such as change rooms, swimming pools or other public areas.

The fungus responsible for foot infections can also be harboured in sweaty shoes or socks. Wearing the same footwear day after day can bring on a case of athlete’s foot and toenail fungus.

Treat Infection on Feet Naturally

Fungal infections such as an infection on feet are often treated by the prescribing antifungal creams. This type of treatment, however, can be ineffective if the underlying symptoms are not properly dealt with.

Natural remedies that have been used to treat a foot infection include applying a paste of baking soda mixed with warm water to the foot, then rinsing and drying thoroughly. Now would you like a treatment suggestion that actually works?

Tackle Infection on the Feet with Guardian Silver Sol

Guardian Silver Sol should be used topically as well as internally. Spray silver sol in your socks and shoes or directly on the affected area several times a day. A 30-minute foot bath every second day will also help to kill the fungus associated with athlete’s foot. Make sure to wear clean socks every day and take 1-2 tsp of Guardian as a health supplement morning and night.

Technical term: tinea pedis


  • patchy fine dry scaling on the sole of the foot
  • dry skin on the heel, sole and sides of the feet
  • peeling, irritable skin between the toes
  • clusters of blisters or pustules on the sides of the feet or insteps
  • dry, round patches on the top of the foot


  • coming into contact with shed skin that contains the fungus
  • walking bare foot on a communal floor or towel sharing
  • wearing occlusive footwear
  • wearing the same pair of socks or shoes for extended periods of time
  • excessive sweating
  • immune deficiency
  • poor circulation


  • strengthen and protect the immune system – eat a balanced diet high in vitamins and minerals, get plenty of rest
  • consume plenty of water
  • avoid fungal ‘danger zones’ – ie. walking barefoot on communal floors such as changing rooms
  • use Guardian Silver Sol as suggested

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