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Colloidal Silver vs Guardian Silver

Guardian Silver vs Colloidal Silver – What’s the Difference?

Are you comparing the virtues of Guardian Silver versus colloidal silver? While both may be effective disinfectants and antimicrobial agents, it is important to become aware of the many differences between them.

The following chart highlights several of the differences between Guardian Silver and other silver preparations:

Colloidal Silver vs Silver Sol Chart

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For more information specifically about silver sol, please view our page about Guardian Silver.

New Technology Produces New Silver

Recently-developed technology produces an engineered nano particle of silver.

Guardian Silver is super-charged with 10,000 volts AC current versus the 110 volt DC current of typical colloidal silver preparations. The result is a vastly superior silver with distinct characteristics, including the catalytic properties helpful for antimicrobial use.

More information about catalytic properties and silver sol’s mechanisms of action can be found at the Guardian Silver page.

What is Nano Technology?

Nano technology refers to the study of controlling elements that are extremely small. This includes elements at the molecular and atomic scale, typically including items 100 nanometers in size or less.

Silver Health Supplements

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