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Medical Uses of Colloidal Silver

Guardian™ Silver Rivals the Medical Uses of Colloidal Silver

Did you know that in the early 20th century—before the introduction of antibiotics, colloidal silver products were the only anti-infection agents available to physicians and patients? The varied medical uses of colloidal silver have included general immune system support as well as many specific internal and external applications.

Now, new technology has produced Guardian Silver, a new and powerful silver product. The medical uses of Guardian Silver parallel those of colloidal silver; however, the catalytic action of Guardian Silver, compared to the chemical action of colloidal silver, means improved effectiveness at low concentrations.

You’ll Turn to Guardian Silver Again and Again

We invite you to explore other pages on this website to learn more about the medical uses and related health benefits of silver. Keep a Guardian bottle in your first aid kit and never travel without this universal protection. Safe and effective for every member of your family, you’ll learn to turn to silver again and again.

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